Fund Photos helps you find a convenient date, pick the best location, determine a pricing structure that works for your organization (we recommend starting at $50 per family), and create an easy method for families to sign up. We’ll even share our marketing toolkit to help you spread the word.
The more families who join, the more money you’ll raise for your organization.

Planning a fundraiser has never been this easy! 

Getting Started

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We’ve literally seen it all! What this means for you is that we have a tried-and-true system that keeps it stress-free for everyone involved.
In advance of your Fund Photos Event, we’ll send reminders to your participating families, give advice about what to wear, and point everyone toward the best parking. We’re here to help or troubleshoot with any questions that come up.

The Fund Photos team has decades’ experience

We’ll Cover the Logistics

Our talent is being able to create an environment where everyone can be comfortable and have a great time—especially your kids. We know photoshoots can be intimidating, so we keep ours short by design. We have experience working with all ages, from newborns to high school seniors, and promise you that we will be able to get beautiful shots of your family. 
If you can show up with the mindset that you’re going to have fun, then we promise we will make you look great!

 It can be a challenge to bring everyone together, but we’ve got you covered

This Will Be Fun!!

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Within two weeks of the Fund Photos Event, we send a private, curated gallery of options to each family. Two images are included with the admission ticket, and if you find more shots that you want to keep

we offer affordable packages starting at $65

Selecting Your

 Once you make your selections, we deliver them in both high resolution and social-media ready versions. 
The fun lasts well beyond the day of the photoshoot. We’ll help you create a unique hashtag for your organization’s event so you can share your photos with other families. Being able to see everyone looking their best is an easy way to bring your community together.
If you can show up with the mindset that you’re going to have fun, then we promise we will make you look great!

The best part about a Fund Photos Event is being able to share your pictures with the people you love

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