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We are the only Los Angeles based family photography studio that helps raise money for education and other organizations.

Stress-free fundraising & quality family photography

When you book a Fund Photos Event, we host a photoshoot fundraiser for your school or organization—no need to organize volunteers or bring supplies. Fund Photos handles everything: the schedule, the location, your guest list, and delivering the memories that will last a lifetime.
We keep the ticket price affordable—starting at $50 per family—so everyone can join. And 100% of the money collected from ticket sales goes right back to your organization!

Imagine one of your biggest fundraisers didn't require any volunteers?

This is the easiest fundraiser yet.

Raise money for your School, sports team, church, or any organization and have fun doing it!

We’re a team of portrait photographers who have built our careers around capturing the moments that make your family special.

Treasure's that last a lifetime

Fund Photos will handle all of the logistics from planning to delivering images.  You simply collect funds and we handle the rest!  

Step Three | Raise Money and have fun!

We will provide you with a marketing strategy to help reach as many families as possible.  From email templates and flyers to social media post, this won't require a lot of effort or volunteers. 

Step Two | Start Marketing

Simply fill out our contact form and we will set up a consultation with you or someone within your organization.  During this call we will get to know your organization and figure out dates and locations that will work for you!

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What if you could have beautiful and affordable family portraits in just 15 minutes and be able to give back to your school or other organization at the same time?
When was the last time you had a professional photo taken of your family? It can feel like too much work, and as parents we’re often too busy. You have to find the right photographer, figure out a good location, and make sure everyone’s schedules line up. Or maybe you worry that professional photography is beyond your family’s budget.

The best ideas are sometimes the simplest ideas!

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With over 17 years’ of experience as a portrait photographer, Heather DeCamp has captured families’ most important moments at every stage of life. She has always had a way of connecting with people and getting them to open up quickly. Maybe it’s the terrible jokes, her oversharing tendencies, or her ability to speak fluent toddler. Whatever it is, it’s why she loves being a family photographer. Heather has been named a Top 10 Family in Chicago and LA, awards by multiple publications. 

Photographer  +   Mom   +   entrepreneur

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Meet  Heather!

As a parent, you know nothing is more important than your child’s education

The days of stressful fundraisers are over. 

We want to ensure our schools and the organizations our children are involved in have as many resources as possible, from guest speakers to art supplies to field trip transportation. But without extra support from fundraisers, our schools often don’t have what they need to provide students with every opportunity. These formative years are critical—and that’s why we, as parents, will never stop stepping up.
But what many of us have found is that traditional fundraisers—like carnivals, silent auctions, and parents’ nights out—can be fun… but also a lot of work. And sometimes without raising the funds you would expect.

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We had a PTA meeting yesterday and everyone raved about it! They even wanted to see if you wanted to do a spring session next year!

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