Realizing I had the chance to make it easier for schools and other organizations to raise money, while giving more families access to high quality photography, I knew I had to create Fund Photos.

While exploring our options for kindergarten, my husband and I have been deep in the search for how to provide our son with the best possible education within our family’s budget. We, like all parents, are committed to providing as many opportunities as we can, even if our school might not have the funding it needs.
Whether it’s helping public schools build the funds they need to start a soccer team, or being part of the way private schools can offer more tuition assistance for underprivileged students, this business has a reward for us that cannot be measured.
Thank you for considering Fund Photos. We are so excited to help you plan your next fundraiser!

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With a combined 20 years of experience, a gift for wrangling kids of all ages, and a devotion to improving childhood education, the Fund Photos team wants to bring our talents in service of your organization.

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Founder  & Photographer | Heather

With over 15 years’ experience as a portrait photographer, Heather DeCamp has captured families’ most important moments at every stage of life. She has always had a way of connecting with people and getting them to open up quickly. Maybe it’s the terrible jokes, her oversharing tendencies, or her ability to speak fluent toddler. Whatever it is, it’s why she loves being a family photographer. Heather has been named Top 3 Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles by the Wedding Photojournalism Association in 2020 and has been a Top 10 Family and Wedding Photographer in Chicago and Los Angeles, awards by multiple publications. 

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